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what is reveal FOR CHURCH:
Spiritual Life Survey?


Churches are in the business of partnering with Christ to see lives changed. Often, though, it is hard to measure their effectiveness since spiritual growth is very hard to quantify.

REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey is an online, (desktop, or mobile app) survey that measures the spiritual growth of your church. Born from state-of-the art research tools and the expertise of our veteran research professionals, the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey provides you with a proven way to know whether or not your people are growing—in their relationship with Christ, and in their Love of God and others.


Based on over ten years of research, the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey delivers an extraordinary snapshot that captures the spiritual maturity of your congregation and the effectiveness of the church in one unique picture. Specifically, the survey classifies every church into one of eight archetypes based on recent statistical findings. Though each varies widely, REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey can help illuminate how to lead your church in a healthy direction.