+ Why do I need to create an account?

The survey is hosted by Gloo, and requires a login. All your login information is 100% confidential.

+ Using one device for multiple people?


  • Each person will need to access the survey via your church specific link. Once they click the link to the survey, they will be prompted to create an account, and then take the survey.

  • Once they have finished the survey, be sure they log out of their account (click the icon in the top right corner, then click "Logout"). Then the next person will need to click the survey link again, create a new account and take the survey. Repeat this process for each person.

Smartphone & Tablet (app based):

  • Each person will need to access the survey via your church specific link. Once they click the link to the survey, they will be prompted to download the REVEAL - Spiritual Formation App. Once downloaded, they need to create an account, and then take the survey.

  • Once they have finished the survey, be sure they log out of their account (click the icon in the bottom right corner, then click "Settings" & "Sing Out"). Then the next person will need to click the survey link again, create a new account and take the survey. Repeat this process for each person. (No need to delete & download the app again).

+ Who will see our church’s survey results?

No one outside of the REVEAL for Church support team will see your results without your permission.

+ Can I see survey results from individuals in my congregation?

No. The identity of congregants who take the survey will not be included with your results, and results are not available at the individual level.

+ How much time does it take to complete the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey?

The survey contains 107 questions in a multiple-choice format. Most people can answer the survey in 15-20 minutes.

+ Does a church have to be a certain size in order to take the survey?

The survey works best with churches that have an average worship service attendance of at least 100 adults. In fact, the survey is not available for congregations with less than 75 adult attenders. This ensures that we have enough responses to make meaningful comparisons to our database norms.

+ What happens if we don't achieve a 25% response rate (or for churches with fewer than 250 members, a response rate of 50%)?

We will provide you with an Executive Summary Report regardless of your response rate as long as you have at least 40 responses. To receive both the Executive Summary Report and a Comprehensive Report, we require 80 responses. These limitations ensure that we have enough responses to make meaningful comparisons to our database norms. However, if your congregants provide sufficient responses for the reports but fall short of the response rate targets noted above, we would caution against taking action based on your survey results.

+ How long can we keep the survey open?

We recommend keeping the survey open for two weeks. Based on our experience, most of those who participate in the survey do so within the first few days that they become aware of it.

+ What are the supported devices & versions?

To view information about Supported Devices & Versions visit the REVEAL Help Center.

+ Is a paper-and-pencil version of the survey available?

The survey is not available in a paper version.

+ Can we add our own survey questions?

Not at this time, but we hope to be able to offer this option in the future.

+ Is the survey available in languages other than English?

Currently, the survey is not available in languages besides English. A Spanish language version will be released in the near future.

+ Will we get access to the raw data from the survey?

We do not provide the raw data from the survey. However, we do provide a Comprehensive Report in addition to the REVEAL Executive Summary. Between these two reports, you’ll receive all aggregated data on your church.

+ Do you provide any kind of survey helpline or customer assistance?

You can reach customer service by using the contact info found on the Contact Us page.

+ Does REVEAL provide PowerPoint versions of the reports?

We do not provide PowerPoint versions of the report. However there are a few ways the church can create a PowerPoint Presentation of the reports.

1) Open a PDF version of the report with Adobe Acrobate > file > export to > Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation. 2) More labor intensive but it works. Open either your report link, or a PDF version > screen shot each page > drag and drop into a PowerPoint.

+ Is it possible to preview the survey questions in advance?

To protect REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey’s intellectual property rights, the survey questions are not available for review. However, a Sample Executive Report and a Sample Comprehensive Report are available on the website, allowing you to preview the content captured through the survey. Also, REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey clients receive a link ten days prior to fielding the survey so they can review the survey’s questions. At that point, if they have any concerns regarding the survey’s content, a full refund will be provided.

+ Is there an age limit for survey participants?

Anyone under the age of 18 cannot participate in the survey due to the need for parental consent. It is illegal to survey youth under 18 without written consent from their parents.

REVEAL is not positioned to provide any support, forms, or reliable data towards youth surveys.

The REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey findings are described in and available for reference in five related books. These are available to support outside work regarding spiritual growth. You can find a full list on our Resources page. The REVEAL team does not have the capacity to support projects being conducted by students or other researchers outside of the REVEAL team at this time.

+ Is the REVEAL for Church survey available internationally?

In Short: Yes!

Long Answer: Today REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey focuses on churches in the United States and Canada. We want to be sure what we provide is first 100% perfect for the U.S & Canada before we begin to serve this out to churches all across the world.

We accept and support orders from other churches & countries that have English as their primary language. We limit it this way so that we know we can support you fully.

There are some major cultural barries countries outside the U.S & Canada will run into when taking the survey. We will help guide you through these, but as it stands, we are not able to change the survey questions. We can, however, help you understand your data in light of these differences.

*We are making efforts to have a world wide survey that takes these differences into account.

+ What are the options for my multi-site church?

We know multi-site churches vary. Email us so we can get your survey experience set up to match the structure of your church.

+ What about churches in the U.K?

We found that church congregants in the U.K will often rate their churches lower than church congregants in the U.S when it comes to using a scaling question set (i.e., rate your church on a scale ranging 1-5). Since our data & norms are based primarily on the U.S when a U.K church purchases REVEAL today, it's likely their results will seem glum comparatively. Take your results with caution. We make it mandatory for U.K churches to meet with our team so that we can walk you though your results.

+ Should we use incentives to help increase response rate?

We discourage incentives. We don't want people rushing through the survey or answering less than carefully in order to get the incentive. This is a known issue with paid online surveys.

When using mobile: Download the app to access the REVEAL Survey 

Repeating the Survey

+ What if we purchased a 3-pack of church surveys?

While we no longer offer the option to purchase multiple surveys, we will continue supporting churches that previously ordered 3-packs. We will contact all 3-pack churches as soon as the REVEAL survey is available again.

+ Can my church still take the survey more than once?

Yes. For comparison, you may want to take the survey more than once. Once the results are in, our team will highlight any changes between each research wave—providing you with an overview of changes and key implications.

+ How long should we wait before fielding the survey a second time?

We recommend waiting for two years before you field the survey again, however the decision is totally up to you. But please note: Our experience shows that it takes time—more than a few months—for any change you implement to begin to have an impact on people’s lives. We have also found that fielding a second survey too soon after the first can compromise response rates.

+ When a church repeats the survey, does REVEAL for Church provide a report that compares the results of the current survey with the previous one?

For repeat survey clients, REVEAL for Church will provide the results from their previous survey in the new Executive Report format. This will enable an easy apples-to-apples comparison between the two surveys, facilitated by the much simpler and shorter design of the new format.

+ How does the revision of the survey impact churches that have taken the original survey?

If your church took the original REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey, you’ll receive almost all of the same data and comparisons in the updated survey. However, because the updated survey is anchored on the eight archetypes, there are two key differences. First, the Executive Summary will provide your church’s archetype and the results that led to that conclusion. This report is much reduced from our original report of 45 slides. Second, because we use the framework of REVEAL’s five best practice principles to identify archetypes, this is also how we’ll report your results on church effectiveness.


+ What is the history of REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey?

In 2004, key leaders at Willow Creek Community Church connected with Eric Arnson, a former partner at McKinsey and Company and founder of Originate, a cutting-edge research and strategy-consulting firm. While meeting together, God revealed in their hearts a new vision for measuring spiritual development. Greg Hawkins, who was Willow Creek’s executive pastor at the time, and Cally Parkinson, the church’s communications director, collaborated with Eric to field a groundbreaking survey with the Willow Creek congregation. In 2007, they launched a pilot with seven churches to evaluate the survey’s effectiveness across multiple church formats.

Based on the results of this pilot, Cally and Greg wrote REVEAL: Where Are You?, which presents REVEAL’s approach, key findings, and heart for the church. As the number of churches involved with REVEAL and the Spiritual Life Survey grew, further research and continued vision produced another REVEAL book — MOVE: What 1000 Churches REVEAL About Spiritual Growth. Published in 2011, MOVE picks up where REVEAL left off, focusing on movement and growth along the spiritual journey. In the interim, Cally and Greg also wrote two other supplemental books - FOLLOW ME: What's Next for You? and FOCUS: The Top Ten Things People Want and Need from You and Your Church

The latest REVEAL book — RISE: Bold Strategies to Transform Your Church, released in August 2014 — provides insights about eight distinct church archetypes and the strategies used by churches in each archetype to energize spiritual momentum. Links to all the books and other articles can be found on our Resources page.

At year-end 2014, approximately 2,000 churches had fielded the Spiritual Life Survey, representing over 500,000 congregants and a wide diversity of church denominations and formats.

Research Methodology

+ What is the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey approach?

Throughout its history, the development of the Spiritual Life Survey has drawn on both quantitative (statistical) and qualitative (interviews and group discussions) methodology. Experts in market research and quantitative methods have been involved in every stage of our research and in refining the survey items.

+ Are the churches in the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey database representative of all U.S. churches?

The 1,500 churches in the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey benchmark database reflect a range of church styles, denominations, geographies, and sizes. Although not perfectly representative of all American churches, the database is very diverse.

Results continue to demonstrate that REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey's findings replicate to all churches in our database, which means the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey can be an insightful and relevant tool for spiritual assessment in any church context.

+ Is the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey reliable and valid?

The reliability and validity of the Spiritual Life Survey has been thoroughly evaluated by experts in psychometrics. The REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey Technical Report provides a comprehensive description of the results of this research.

+ Why do some of your response scales have six answer choices and some have five? Why isn’t there a “no opinion,” “neutral,” or “I don’t know” response option?

The REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey has been through four revisions to arrive at the current version. Expert researchers and psychometricians have been involved in every stage of testing of survey items and determining how best to ask each question. Although some might disagree with choices we’ve made about how questions are phrased or the number or wording of response options, the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey is aligned with best practices in survey research and we have strong evidence for its psychometric reliability and validity. See the Technical Report for more information.