Your reveal data


If you’re a church leader, you’ve likely heard of GDPR by now - the groundbreaking policy, initiated by the EU, to secure data rights for individuals globally. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and both establishes and protects the rights of an individual’s data. While this places increased responsibility and technical burden on many organizations who operate in the digital space, this is the right course of action and, we believe, a very good standard to uphold for the future of personal data. Reveal is GDPR compliant.

In today’s connected world, it is crucial that information is treated with the utmost respect and dedicated care. We want to address REVEAL’s stewardship of congregant data, and the steps we take on everyone’s behalf to ensure it is handled with integrity.


Data Collection

Let’s review the REVEAL survey process. When your church takes the REVEAL: Spiritual Life Survey, they access it on either web or a mobile device. Congregants who choose to participate in the survey create a username and password in order to access the survey. As always, since REVEAL first launched in 2006, church reports are aggregate and anonymous.

The base question set for REVEAL has not significantly changed over our 10+ year history. This sample report gives you an idea of the kinds of things leaders discover about their church as a result of the assessment. Distinct from many other church survey tools, REVEAL does not asses church health on the basis of church inputs (like attending services and programs), but rather on outputs -- what is actually happening in the lives of their congregation. REVEAL’s 100+ questions cause congregants to reflect on eight categories of questions, including their daily spiritual habits, their community involvement, their view of the church’s leadership and ministries, and their own spiritual lives.

Answers to these questions are compiled and analyzed in the secure REVEAL database. We provide a dashboard to the church’s leaders during the time the survey is being conducted, so they can track numbers of completions and continue asking their congregation to participate so that they can achieve the intended percent completion rate based on their size. Once the survey “closes”, the dashboard environment provides leaders with their custom report, normed against the database of historical responses.


Survey Partnerships

It takes many hands to do good work. REVEAL developed the survey, methodology, algorithms, and models over many years of data collection and research with our in-house data science team. To date, five books have emerged directly from the research done on the entire REVEAL database, and countless PhD programs around the world have cited and further explored these findings.

Our technology partners and infrastructure providers share our deep commitment to serve organizations and individuals who help people grow.

We partnered with Gloo to improve our customer experience and open the possibilities of better serving churches with next steps following the survey. They have been hosting the REVEAL survey since 2016, when it was migrated from our former assessment provider (Insight|Express).

Gloo hosts our assessment and provides a user-friendly and secure experience on both mobile and web. Our partnership with Gloo has also enabled us to be in full GDPR compliance, which means (amongst other things) that any REVEAL participant has the ability to request the data that is stored on them, amend and correct that data, or request that their data be deleted from our system at any time.

From REVEAL’s earliest days, and still, we make the encrypted individual response data available to our qualified data scientists to better understand large-scale patterns in how churches engage their people, help them grow, engage the Bible, and impact their communities. Your data will never be sold to a third-party, nor will any personally identifiable data be shared with any outside organization, for any reason.



We hold with great care the trust that Churches have in us to support their mission as they partner with God to change lives. We’re passionate about using the power of assessments to help leaders better understand their congregations, strengthen thriving communities and encourage Christ-centered lives. And we are also passionate about sharing our findings with the broader community, whether or not churches actually take the assessment. Our recent books, MOVE and RISE, have helped us serve even more churches through the findings of REVEAL.

If you have further questions you, please reach out to us.