Best Practices & Helpful Information


  • There are two ways your congregants can take the survey:
    • Mobile App - Accessing the link on their smartphone will prompt them to download the REVEAL-Spiritual Formation app. An email, username and password is required.
    • Computer - Access the link on a desktop or laptop, an email, username and password is required. We recommend using chrome for this. 
  • If using one device for multiple users:

    • After completing the survey, logout and close the webpage.  Users must select the logout prompt under their profile image in the top right corner on the web. To log out on mobile, locate profile image in the lower right, then navigate to setting and click sign out. Encourage all congregants taking the survey on a public computer to log out and close the web page after taking the survey.

    • After signing out and closing the web page, the next person to take the survey on the same device will need to click the link again, either in a new tab or a new window. 

  • When using a desktop or laptop, make sure browser zoom is at 100%. Radial buttons on the survey will not display if screen is zoomed out.

  • The survey contains 107 questions in a multiple-choice format. Most people can answer the survey in 15-20 minutes. We recommend you let your congregants know that the survey will take this long.

  • The survey is not available in a paper version. If you have congregants that are not great with computers or don’t have access to computers, we recommend having an option available before and after your weekend services, for people to take the survey onsite. We’ve also found that having people who are good with computers help those who don’t know computers well, helps bridge the knowledge gap and allows for more people to successfully complete the survey

  • Anyone under the age of 18 cannot participate in the survey due to the need for parental consent.



When Using Mobile: Download the REVEAL app to access the survey


  • We will provide you with an Executive Summary Report regardless of your response rate as long as you have at least 40 responses. To receive both the Executive Summary Report and a Comprehensive Report, we require 80 responses. These limitations ensure that we have enough responses to make meaningful comparisons to our database norms. However, if your congregants provide sufficient responses for the reports but fall short of the response rate targets (35%), we would caution against taking action based on your survey results.

  • No one outside of the REVEAL for Church support team will see your results without your permission. It is up to you whether or not you would like to share the results with others.

  • The identity of congregants who take the survey will not be included with your results, and results are not available at the individual level.


  • When your congregants take the survey, they will need to create an account all survey and account information is 100% confidential. Only one completed survey can be generated per account. 
  • You will receive weekly updates on Friday providing your churches survey completions, helping you determine how strongly to promote the survey.

  • Survey end date extension: We are happy to extend the end date, to whatever works best for you and your church. It's usually the first two weeks that yield the most responses. 




We’ve developed a set of useful guidelines to help you implement the REVEAL for ME: Spiritual Life Survey in your unique church setting. These guidelines, which include promotional ideas, key messages, and a suggested timetable, are intended to help you field the survey so that you generate the highest response rate possible. 

Survey Promotion Guidelines

Announcement Templates

Email Templates

REVEAL for Church Logos

Campaign Template Graphics

Social Media Graphics


REVEAL for Me: Spiritual Life Development  is designed to encourage individual spiritual growth in the context of relationships. It includes mini-assessments based on nine topics identified through the REVEAL research, interactive growth experiences from dozens of contributors, and built-in discussion guides to support face-to-face conversations.