Churches are in the business of partnering with Christ to see lives changed. Often, though, it is hard to measure their effectiveness since spiritual growth is very hard to quantify.

REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey measures spiritual growth. Born from state-of-the art research tools and the expertise of our veteran research professionals, the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey provides you with a proven way to know whether or not your people are growing—in their relationship with Christ, and in their Love of God and others.

Based on research gathered over the last decade, the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey has been used by over 2,000 churches, representing 500,000 congregants—and counting.



REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey is hosted by Gloo. Gloo provides the ability to build powerful assessments that function intuitively across mobile and desktop experiences. This makes it easy for congregants to access the REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey whenever and wherever they are. Church leaders can be assured that they are optimizing the opportunity to get as many congregant responses possible.


After congregants have taken the Gloo hosted survey and the survey period is complete, the results are aggregated. Church leaders will receive a beautiful, detailed report that provides an accurate snapshot of the spiritual health of their congregation. Take a look below to see examples of both the Executive and Comprehensive Reports that church leadership will receive.